Elodie Lauten has lectured and taught composition at New York University Steinhardt School of Music. Her Master's thesis at NYU, an opera for computer and singers, realized on one of the very first music computers, the Fairlight CMI, won an NEA opera-musical theater award. She has pioneered electronic music since the 1970s.

She also opens her studio to private students. Drawing on her experience as a producer and composer, she initiates students to multiple methods of composition and production, as well as creative techniques to unlock their own special musical talents. Students grow from one composition to the next in a natural and sensitive process where the know-how is acquired from practice, while working on new material. Creative avenues are opened by exploring music selections from the past and the present that are relevant to a particular project or mindset. Techniques introduced or reinforced are computer-aided scoring with Finale, electronic music production and orchestration. Beyond imparting the necessary knowledge, Lauten's goal is to guide young composers in finding their own voices and creative expression, and to communicate an enthusiasm for music in all its aspects.

In addition Lauten has coached interns from the Great Lakes College Association on many occasions, who come to New York to discover the music scene and to a greater extent, themselves as composers.

She is currently on the faculty at the New York City College of Technology, teaching MUSIC TECHNOLOGY, a composition class in the context of new technology. She introduces students who are interested in making music by way of state-of-the-art software, whether they have a music background or not... which means that they need to learn the basics of composing without traditional notation, which is replaced by a large variety of software modules provided by Propellerhead Reason, a complex tool for composing, arranging, sampling and mixing/producing music. In this process, students are introduced to the history of electronic music and its pioneers, and listen to a wide variety of musical styles from all times and geographies, learning how to analyze music in terms of its compositional elements and applying this analysis to their own work. Samples of student work are available.

Lauten had also completed composer residencies at Bucknell University (PA), Hope College (MI) and Franklin Pierce College (NH) where she coached student performances of her work, and lectured on her own musical ideas and those of her peers.

Many of her alumni have entered Phd programs in composition, have become educators themselves, or have found their paths towards amusic career.


ARTICLES by Elodie Lauten

Skirting the Post-Classic Stretch, published in New Music Box


The Orpheus Complex, published in Music & Psyche, UK

Philosopher stones: dinergy in musical composition

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Elodie Lauten: Producer of Live Events and Recordings


As a producer of live events, Elodie Lauten has produced and occasionally directed a number of multimedia operas, at the ICA in Boston, at the Performing Garage and at Theater for the New City, to name a few. She curateds and produces events on a regular basis for Lower East Side Performing Arts, a nontprofit organization with a mission to offer free or affordable exciting music programs locally. This includes the Op on Screen Festival, the Hear Now piano music program, the Op on Screen Interactive and East West series, as well as many charity events such as the International Tango program in nursing homes for the elderly and AIDS patients.

She also was the producer for her Two-Cents Opera running for 3 weeks at Theater for the New City, and is the producer for The Death of Don Juan, also at Theater for the New City, May 5-22, 2011.






intl tango


The Studio 21 Label


As a music artistic and executive producer, Elodie Lauten started as early as 1977 when in residence at Sound Ideas Studio, and by 1980 she was producing and releasing her own recordings. She has acquired experience in all aspects of production, from artistic direction to material selection, arrangements, as well as executive production, including permission issues and the practical aspects of manufacturing and packaging first with her Cat Collectors label in the 80s then with her Studio 21 label as of 1994 and has produced 19 of her own and other artists releases.

In the past few years, she worked with guitarist Jonathan Hirschman, developing keyboard arrangements around his improvisations for the release of his first solo album. She worked with songwriter Steven Hall (friend and collaborator of Arthur Russell), a seasoned producer himself, peering patiently through hundreds of takes to help him finalize and publish a solid album. She also helped mezzo-soprano Charlotte Surkin through the process of rehearsing and recording a debut CD including songs by grammy-award-winning William Bolcom.

She approaches artistic and executive production from an almost holistic viewpoint, coordinating audio and visual content, often designing the covers herself, or taking her own photos, to achieve a communication concept.


Poet, a graduate from Columbia like his friend Allen Ginsberg, songwriter, performer, producer Steven Hall collection of tunes "Dry Ice", Elodie Lauten, executive producer.

Studio 21 Limited Edition, 2002

dyr ice

JONATHAN HIRSCHMAN: Tunes from the Lower East Side

Jonathan Hirschman's first solo album Tunes from the Lower East Side, co-written and produced by Elodie Lauten

Studio 21 Limited Edition, 2002



Mezzo-soprano Charlotte Surkin's first solo album, with tunes by Lou Rodgers, Jack Gottlieb and William Bolcom, produced by Elodie Lauten.

Studio 21 Limited Edition, 2005