University Residencies

I believe that "the future of classical music" largely depends on how much exposure to and appreciation of the work of living composers is offered to young performers and composers, beyond conservatory training. This is the rationale for a residency with a living composer, and I like to be involved in this give-and-take in any way that I can.

Experience of residencies:

At Bucknell University, I came with my ensemble to perform a full program; I participated in several music classes and gave a slide presentation on my composition methods.

At Hope College, the residency included 3 chamber music world premieres, performed by students and faculty; besides composition classes, I participated in an English literature class focused on Allen Ginsberg and a Black literature workshop; I also gave a presentation and showed a one-hour documentation video. BAck home,, I made a CD of the best performances and gave copies to all the participants in this program.

At Franklin Pierce College, I was involved in a 2-week, fully staged opera production performed by students and faculty; my participation included performing and coaching singers.

At Fredonia University (SUNY), I was invited by the Director of Orchestras, David Rudge, to write a new orchestral work for the student orchestra he conducted. I participated in the last few rehearsals of the piece and the premiere.

In the context of a residency, I like to make my program flexible so as to respond to particular needs. These are the programs I can offer:

  • Lecture about the current musical context
  • Illustrated slide presentation on composition
  • Documentary videos (showing my work and peers' work)
  • Participation in various classes: Composition, Music History, Music Appreciation,
    Poetry and Music, Art and Music (note that I have experience in visual art)
  • Coaching of performers
  • Improvisation workshops for singers and instrumentalists
  • Concert program:
    • solo performance
    • Elodie Lauten ensemble performance
    • Students/faculty performance
    • Opera/ music theater production
    • Premiere/commission

Elodie Lauten, 2007