The Mystery of the Elements
For Piano & Synthesizer


The Mystery of the Elements… what are the elements? Earth, air, fire and water, according to the European esoteric tradition. The Chinese add wood and metal.

In this piece, I address the question: what are the universal elements that are most significant in our present lives?  In a textural, abstract piece, I am using improvisation to create fluid, organic forms inspired by the six key elements of:  Velocity, Electricity, Magnetism, Randomness, Revolution and Rebirth.

Velocity, as speed has increasingly become a part and need of our daily lives, is rooted in Eb with constantly flowing textures on synth and piano. Electricity is a fast texture stemming from the tonal center D with a few modulations.  Magnetism is in a modal ethnic E minor reminiscent of Flamenco and Arabic melodies.  In Randomness, the music is devoid of tonal center, constantly suspended in expectation or dread of the next musical event.  Revolution is a colorful texture of polytonal, quick, rolling chromatic patterns. Rebirth is based on a modal C with added Gb which is one of Lauten’s idiosyncratic modes.m

This piece was inspired by my performance at the Castle of Pirou in Normandy in the summer 2001, where I met the instrument builders at the 'Musical Farm", who continue a tradition established in the 16th century. This brought me to revisit my own direct relationship to her instruments, piano and synthesizer, and after years writing chamber and symphonic music, return to the spontaneity of improvisation as a pianist and keyboardist for a more transparent interaction between the creator, the instrument and the audience.


Copyright Elodie Lauten 2005