Harmonic Protection Circle

Elodie Lauten Ensemble
Jonathan Hirschman
electric guitar

Elodie Lauten

Mustafa Ahmed

Mathew Fieldes

Harmonic Protection Circle 2004 - a BE IN pure harmony

The ELODIE LAUTEN ENSEMBLE currently includes the composer on synthesizer, Mustafa Ahmed on percussion, Jonathan Hirschman on electric guitar and Mathew Fieldes on contrabass. The Harmonic Protection Circle is a 'Be In' the resonance of an E fundamental and its own 20 overtones in just intonation. This is a foray into forbidden territory, as it includes both so-called usable and unusable harmonics. In just intonation the slight dissonance is pleasant to the ear, whereas it may sound harsh in equal temperament. The pure overtone series is the driver of both melody and harmony. Lauten conceived this piece as a bitonal framework, in which the lower frequencies revolve around the fundamental and the fifth, while the upper range is the chromatic texture created by the high overtones. The improvisation is the performers' reaction to the resonance of the overtones and the various spiraling patterns arising and unfolding. In this aural realm, the natural balance of consonance and dissonance is a model of conflict resolution: tolerance for dissidence, peace without repression, a refuge in troubled times.

This program was presented by the World Out of Tune Festival, taking place in October 2004 in New York City. On November 6, a performance by LaMonte Young's Just Alap Ensemble will take place at the Dreamhouse, 175 Church St. The Makor program on October 19 includes the Elodie Lauten Ensemble, guitarist Neil Haverstick, and Willie McBlind, Jon Catler's just intonation blues band with vocalist Meredith Borden. Radio and television performances will also take place: on WNYC on John Schaefer's New Sounds on October 15 at 11PM, on Mantra TV and Kace International TV, dates TBA. At the Knitting Factory Tap Room on October 25, a program will feature the Catler Brothers, and fretless guitarists Al Giusto and Kenta Nagai.

Acknowledgement: this event was supported in part by Meet the Composer and the American Music Center.

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