Chamber Music
Above: Andrew Bolotowsky, flute and Emo Manolov, violin, premiere The Five-Petal Proportion at St Marks Church, presented by Downtown Music Production, May 18, 2008. Elodie Lauten at the back is overseeing the tape playback. Photo: Milton Fletcher.

Recently Elodie Lauten has composed chamber music that combines live performance with an electronic component which is usually a tape on which she performs various synthesizer and vocal parts.

In January 2008, Lauten worked with the Seattle Chamber Players in a similar setting. The ensemble consisting of clarinet, flute, cello and violin performed written parts, there was a tape playback which contained synth and vocals by Lauten, and she also performed additional improvise vocalizations live for the Seattle premiere on January 29. The material was excerpted from a work-in-progress, The Two-Cents Opera, as was the May 18 performance.

Lauten likes to create work for very special friends such as Andrew Bolotowsky, flute and Julianne Klopotic, violin, Kurt Behnke, cello and Rafael DeStella, contrabass, for whom she composed a number of solo contrabass pieces including The Four Pillars of Common Sense, Moods for Contrabass, Sex and Pre-anti-post-modernism, and a section of Waking in New York for solo contrabass. She has worked time and time again with harpsichordist Elaine Comparone and her ensemble, The Queen's Chamber Band, with Lori Miller and Bob Zubrycki, violinists, Karle Moe, flute, Marcia Heller, oboe, Peter Seidenberg, cello, Veronica Salas, viola and John Bongiorno, contrabass and countertenor/violinist Marshall Coid. She has also worked with violist Tanya Askins who premiered a solo viola piece, Prophecy.

In 2007 she had a woodwind quintet with percussion, Ecocity, premiered at the American Festival of Microtonal Music. The piece has sections both in Weckmeister and Just Intonation with microtonal adjustments in cents carefully scored above each note.

Lauten has written one string quartet, a string sextet, and two piano trios. The Gypsy Variations trio for piano, violin and cello is scheduled to be premiered in the Fall 2008 by Julianne Klopotic.