Sound Installations

From the Women Forward exhibition at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, April 2009

The Gaia Cycle drawing/collage is one of many developed over a year, functioning as a road map for the music being created. The Gaia Cycle is ecological music in tune with the frequency of the earth (as described by mathematician Hans Cousto). The drawing shows the macro layout of 12 movements (each in a different key for each of the 12 months of the year) and a corresponding sequence of I Ching hexagrams representing different evolving situations. The Gaia Cycle was renamed Tronik Involutions for release (O.O. Discs, 1996).

Fractal Sequence - Animated digital display


Great Spiral - Digital image from The Two-Cents Opera

In exploring fractal geometry, which is a key to understanding randomness and chaos in the universe, I discovered several computer programs that one can use to plot images. Initially I plotted thousands of images many of which I threw away. The selected images were created by the computer using combined consecutive formulas and a pre-determined color scheme, then processed and edited in Photoshop.

Drawing from Talisman Series (2000)
Aged tracing paper, crayon, pencil, ink

Excerpted from the "A French artist, Elodie Lauten, a multimedia artist, is a creative force in several dimensions. She not onlywrites music (including avant garde opera), but also orchestrates the entire production of those operas.Additionally she makes installations, drawings, collages, video animations and digital art. Samples of hergenius are in this show and are very exciting to see. Elodie’s highly sophisticated use of today’s advancedtechnology has opened a new dimension in the art world. Her curious and alert mind restlessly searches for anew language for art."

CyberGallery 66, curated by Milton Fletcher

Elodie Lauten Exhibition List

L.E.S. Festival of the Arts Group Exhibition, Theater for the New City (2010)

L.E.S. Festival of the Arts Group Exhibition, Theater for the New City (2009)

Women Forward Group Exhibition, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (2009)

Correspondences, an audio-visual internet exhibition on Cybergallery66 (2008)

Talismans, Arts Loisaida group exhibition, Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center, New York (2005)

Talisman, Arts Loisaida group exhibition, Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center, New York (2004)

River Meditations, video installation in collaboration with artist Rosalind Schneider, Hudson River Museum, shown  for 8 consecutive months, from October 2003 to May 2004

Boston Visionary Cell Group exhibition, at the Federal Reserve Gallery, Boston (1998)

The Gaia Cycle – drawings and scores, Nonsequitur Gallery, Albuquerque, NM (1994)

Sound/sculpture installation, in collaboration with Carl Karas: Remembrance of Things Past, after the work of Marcel Proust, Penine Hart Gallery, New York (1988)

Sound installation: We are the dinosaurs of Year 2000; women group show: A Flight of the Imagination, Small Walls Gallery, New York (1983)


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