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Live performance at Theater for the New City, May 2011, directed by Robert Lawson and Henry Akona, featuring Douglas McDonnell in the role of Don Juan, Alisha Desai, Mary Hurlbut, Courteney Symonds and Arianna Armon as Death multiples.

Press quote: "an amazing production of a compelling musical, visual and visceral work, with wonderful sound – magical – with Ms. Lauten controlling the Electronic Orchestra, and excellent performances by the
cast and the production team.
" Sequenza21



Collaboration / Collective
Original collaborators and friend of Arthur Russell reinterpret and reannage his music. On this debut CD, Miracle 2 is a new version of an old tune co-written by Lauten and Russell in the 80s.
Label: Strut / !K7, 2011

arthur's landing album

The CD comes free with the June 2010 issue of MusicWorks Magazine, Canada. Also look for an article on Elodie Lauten's art and her Gaia Cycle / Tronik Involutions project. Collective release with two excerpts of Lauten's Tronik Involutions, Encounter and Retreat, and other pieces by Steven White, Richard Windeyer, National Exit Strategy, Johnny Dovercourt, Darsha Hewitt, Marilyn Lerner, Analia Llugdar.



Reissue of Piano Works and Concerto for Piano and Orchestral memory (with Peter Zummo and Arthur Russell), plus Variations on the Orange Cycle, Sonate Modale from live concert in Toronto, never before released, and a tango.
Unseen Worlds, 2010

"a vivid, lively form of minimal music...Excellent find, this small treasure." Vital Weekly

New Music Box Review by
Frank J. Oteri

Sequenza21 Review by Jay Batzner


CONCERTOpiano works cover

WIRE Magazine's selection of pieces in October 2009 issue.
Selection: Cat Counterpoint from Piano Works, from upcoming reissue of Lauten's piano music on Unseen Worlds.

This CD reissue of the original LP recording, including cover art by John Massey, original liner notes by John Schaefer and additional, recent liner notes by Kyle Gann, and performances by Arthur Russell and Peter Zummo marks Elodie Lauten's 27th release to-date. The Death of Don Juan, originally released in 1985 (with assistance from the National Endowment for the Arts Opera/Musical Theater program) was on WNYC’s top ten recordings of that year. It was premiered as a live multimedia production at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in 1997 with support from the Massachusetts Council on the Arts. In 1988, The Village Voice commented it was “a cohesive and compelling major work”. Then it became largely forgotten and never received a New York premiere. However, in the past few years, Elodie Lauten’s The Death of Don Juan has generated renewed interest. It is currently listed in Wikipedia as “one of the major postminimalist works of the 1980s”. Alan Licht listed it as #3 on his Minimalist Top Ten, calling it “one of the great lost experimental records of the 80s” . (
Label: Unseen Worlds, 2008

The June 2004 premiere of Orfreo at Merkin Hall is now available on DVD. It is 4Tay's first DVD recording release (Number 0001!) and Lauten's fourth release on this label, following The Deus Ex Machina Cycle (1999) Waking in New York (2003), Piano Soundtracks (2005). The DVD features an exciting performance by The Queen's Chamber Band, led by harpsichordist Elaine Comparone and conductor Rudolph Palmer, featuring countertenor Marshall Coid in the title role, soprano Meredith Borden, mezzo-soprano Charlotte Surkin and baritone Peter Castaldi. The libretto was written by Michael Andre. Documentary is by Ludi Askins.
Label: 4Tay, 2007

Double X for synthesizer, voice and bass flute, from the American Festival of Microtonal Music; live recording from the premiere performance performed by Elodie Lauten and Andrew Bolotowsky; this collective release includes works by Wendy Carlos, Joseph Pehrson and others.
Label: Pitch, 2

Composed and performed by Elodie Lauten on solo piano, the CD contains rare tracks including the original version of Variations on the Orange Cycle and the WNYC live recording at Merkin Hall of Sonate Ordinaire, plus Variations in Search of a Theme (Crossroads)
composed in 2004.
Label: 4-Tay (2005)

"A hypnotic new CD by a composer-pianist whose music defies easy tags", Time Out New York, April 2006

The Orphic Death of Ray Johnson
Opera with libretto by Michael Andre, a neo-Baroque post-minimal sound with double subtext of Orpheus and Ray Johnson, performed by The Queen's Chamber Band, conducted by Rudolph Palmer, featuring countertenor Marshall Coid in the leading role.
Label: Studio 21 (2004)
More information on Orfreo

Harmonic Protection Circle
Original session with the composer on, synthesizer, Mustafa Ahmed on percussion, Jonathan Hirschman on electric guitar and Matthew Fieldes on contrabass, performing the Harmonic Protection Circle, a 'Be In' the resonance of an E fundamental and its own 20 overtones.
Label: Studio21 Underground (2004)
More information on Harmonic Protection Circle

Of all the slow, stationary, eventless recordings on Postclassic Radio, Elodie Lauten's Harmonic Protection Circle is the slowest, most stationary, and most eventless. And absolutely gorgeous. ARTSJOURNAL, Kyle Gann, 2004

Elaine Comparone & the Queen's Chamber Band

Selection: The Architect, featuring Marshall Coid, countertenor

and other works by Kenji Bunch, Peter Susser, Charles Sibirsky, Marshall Coid, Robert Baksa, Steven Kemp, and J.S. Bach
Label: Capstone, 2004

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Waking in New York - Portrait of Allen Ginsberg
An unusual melodic setting of Ginsberg's poetry, given to Lauten as a personal friend, for a libretto about New York... featuring baritone Mark Duer in the role of Allen Ginsberg and sopranos Meredith Borden, Tyler Azelton and Sherrita Duran as his muses and a classical/rock orchestra with drums, percussion, string quartet, flute and contrabass.
Label: 4-Tay, 2003

Waking in New York was presented by the New York City Opera VOX 2004.
It was included on a list of the 100 most influential works of the last three decades (Sequenza21, 2005).

More information on Waking in New York


See the Supervisor


Lovely, effecting and affecting.

The poetry of Allen Ginsberg has inspired a wide range of composers from Lee Hyla (whose Howl pits the Kronos Quartet against a recording of Ginsberg reading his celebrated poem) to Philip Glass (whose Ginsberg settings include the eclectic Hydrogen Jukebox and Symphony #6 which is a Mahlerian adaptation of Ginsberg's Plutonian Ode.) In terms of authenticity, however, all are trumped by Lauten's moving memorial to her creative mentor.

Lauten reveals greater artistry the further you look beneath the surface, successfully marking the leaps in Ginsberg's own impressionistic narrative with appropriate changes in metre and key."

Strange but oddly compelling work...often wild and marvelously demented chord changes... this is a music of Gotham updated to our times, immortalized by one of its best poetic voices, and put in motion by a composer in tune with the pulse of her city. AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

The Mystery of the Elements
for piano and synthesizer
This composition addresses the question: what are the universal elements that are most significant in our present lives?  In a textural, abstract piece, she uses her own Universal Mode Improvisation style, moving with fluidity from the modal to the atonal, to create organic forms inspired by the six key elements of:  Velocity, Electricity, Magnetism, Randomness, Revolution and Rebirth.
More information on The Mystery of the Elements
Label: Studio 21, 2002

Composition for synthesizer

A new all-electronic CD composed and performed by Elodie Lauten immediately following the events on September 11. A reaction to reality without judgment, in a Buddhist sense, a meditation on the collective consciousness of the experience.
More information on SOSWTC
Listen to excerpt
Label: Studio 21, 2001

One of the most powerful works to bloom out of the ashes of the World Trade Center attacks was Elodie Lauten's S.O.S.W.T.C.

Year 2000 – 50th Year Retrospective - CD
Lauten compositions from 1983 to 1999

Executive producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: Studio 21 (limited edition), 2000

The Deus Ex Machina Cycle – Double CD set
New music for Baroque Ensemble in a live performance from New York’s Merkin Hall, conducted by Mimi Stern-Wolfe and featuring harpsichordist Elaine Comparone, flutist Andrew Bolotowsky, baritone Thomas Buckner, sopranos Mary Hurlbut and Meredith Borden, violist David Cerruti and many other star New York musicians.
Artist: Elodie Lauten
Executive producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: 4Tay, 1999

Listen to excerpts:
Verlaine Variations


A grand work that we are likely to return to again and again… timelessly beautiful… Unquestionably Lauten’s own is this fascinating combination of baroque and earlier musics with contemporary concerns. 21ST CENTURY MUSIC

A spiritual complexity that is no stranger to the best works of the classical chamber music tradition. CHAMBER MUSIC AMERICA



The Time Is Now – CD and 80-page booklet
Answer, by Elodie Lauten, among ettings of texts by Melody Sumner Carnahan by 14 composers including Robert Ashley and Joan LaBarbara. Performed by Andrew Bolotowsky, flute, Mary Hurlbut, soprano,
Oreen Zeitlin, mezzo soprano
Label: Frog Peak Music, 1988

Elodie Lauten's Answer, strikingly scored for Baroque ensemble with harpsichord, with the text chanted in a repetitive style reminiscent not of minimalism but of an exotic fusion of Stravinskian chinoiserie and the 17th century cantata: very beautiful. THE VILLAGE VOICE


Inscapes from Exile - CD
Electronic works about the New Mexico experience
Artist: Elodie Lauten
Producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: Felmay/New Tone, 1998
Felmay Records, Torino, Italy
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If her earlier Tronik Involutions was mellow and smoothly postminimalist, this disc is screwed up to a higher level, sometimes bubbling over into contrapuntal randomness in an overflow of passion - or pain? THE VILLAGE VOICE

Layers of melody, rhythm and color that are at once sophisticated and transparent. EXPOSE

Other Places - CD
Artist: Pianist Lois Svard Svard performs Variations on the Orange Cycle by Elodie Lauten, and pieces by Kyle Gann and Jerry Hunt
Label: Lovely Music, 1998
More information on Variations on the Orange Cycle

Variations on the Orange Cycle is included in Chamber Music America's Century List of 100 Best Works of the 20th Century, by Frank Oteri

Tronik Involutions - CD
Artist: Elodie Lauten
Producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: O.O. Discs, 1996, re-release

More information on Tronik Involutions

Tronik Involutions - CD
Original release
Artistic director/executive producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: Studio 21, 1994
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...a peaceful sense of stasis -- every section has its distinctive timbre, movement and emotional quality. "The Gaia Cycle" seems less interested in creating order than in finding order in natural processes. There is a certain serenity in this kind of acceptance. Bernard Holland,

Mesmerizing keyboard work. The music on this CD is quite extraordinary.


The Aerial #4 – CD
Elodie Lauten’s Music for the Trine, along with works by Brenda Hutchinson, Peter Van Riper & others
Artists: Collective
Label: Nonsequitur, 1992
More information on Music for the Trine



A composer of enchanting music,
and one of New York's most individual voices of the present generation.

Blue Rhythms - CD
Piano, synthesizer and processed strings
Artist: Elodie Lauten
Artistic director/executive producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: Cat Collectors , 1988
Order from Elodie Lauten/Studio 21

Free Download:

Reason and Blue

Tellus #16 - Cassette
Tango, by Elodie Lauten along with works by David Garland and others
Artists: Collective
Label: Harvestworks


The Death of Don Juan - LP
Artist: Elodie Lauten
Producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: Cat Collectors, 1985
Made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts
Cover art: John Massey
More information on The Death of Don Juan
Listen to excerpt: Vision


A compelling and cohesive major work.

The Death of Don Juan is Lauten's strongest work to-date, an opera in two short acts dealing with a metaphorical, surreal version of the Don Juan story.
New Sounds,
, by John Schaefer, Harper & Row, 1987

Concerto For Piano And Orchestral Memory - LP
Piano with strings, synth, trombone, sound effects. With Arthur Russell, cello; Peter Zummo, trombone.
Artist: Elodie Lauten
Artistic director/executive producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: Cat Collectors, 1984
Order from Elodie Lauten/Studio 21

Performance of Concerto for Piano and Orchestral Memory
Roulette, 1984
Photo: Nancy Keay


The Concerto is actually a suite for piano, violin, viola, cello, trombone and processing. The "orchestral memory" functions as a kind of ghost orchestra. The strange, not-quite orchestral sound is like the lingering echoes of a departed philharmonic. New Sounds, by John Schaefer, Harper & Row, 1987

Elodie Lauten's music extracts order from chaos.
Bernard Holland, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 1984

Piano Works - LP
Piano, sequencer and sound effects
Artist: Elodie Lauten
Artistic director/executive producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: Cat Collectors, 1983


Her melodies grow out of chord patterns as naturally as pattern grows out of texture in Japanese architecture.

I was sitting somewhere in a dangerous world, wondering what would happen to the girl at the piano.... SHe changed my mind with mantras that shifted slowly from one trouble mood to the next, the new one only slightly-but subtly- different from the last. Her events aren't just concerts. They're adventures.
Greg Sandow

Orchestre Modern - EP
Artist: Elodie Lauten
Artistic director: Alan Vega
Executive producer: Elodie Lauten
Label: Rocking Horse, 1981
Out of print. Some copies can still be found in the Village stores in New York.


As a guest artist:
Another Thought -Artist: Arthur Russell Label: Point/Polygram, 1994
Selection: Miracle
Tower Records or


As a guest artist:
The Native Americans
Soundtrack of TBS television documentary Artist: Robbie Robertson, Capitol
Selection: Ghost Dance
Tower Records or

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