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Music Technology Class


At the New York City College of Technology Entertainment Technology Department, Pr. Lauten's music technology class focuses on software-assisted music making. It is open to both musicians and non-musicians who have a strong interest in music. Making music digitally requires brains and ears as well as creativity and training but does not require proficiency in a traditional musical instrument. The outcome of the class is to produce several compositions using the software and also to create artfully synthesized sounds.

Students are introduced to basic techniques for arranging and composing, and learn the powerful Reason music production software, as well as the fundamentals of electronic synthesis. The class meets in the Spring and Fall semesters.


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from 2013
Music Technology Class- Student Songs (final projects)

Sharon Miller
World To Me

Esdras Sejour
Epic Xmas

Junior Costor:
Watch Me (Do It)

Yuryi Pavlutskyy:

Antons Terehovs:
What If

Donovan Valle: