words, music and imagery by Elodie Lauten

Performed by Andrew Bolotowsky, flute soloist
Mary Hurlbut, soprano
Jonathan Hirschman, electric guitar
Elodie Lauten, electronics, vocals


A flash back recalls last year’s Sandy nicknamed Frankenstorm and the castle of Dr. Frankenstein and his creature born out of the storm energy – the spark of life, a frightening but hypnotic apparatus to create life out of body parts. Now the bodies are robotic. They are ‘bots’ but they won’t do the chores, and they want a bride or may themselves be the coveted robotic bride. The robot couple elopes to Alaska and all is well among the walruses.

Cast of characters:
Dr. Frankenstein - Flutist (Andrew Bolotowsky)
Narrator, Bride - Soprano (Mary Hurlbut)
Monster - Electric Guitar (Jonathan Hirschman)


Scene 1: Flash Back - Flute solo
A connection between hurricane Sandy and the Frankenstein legend takes us back a couple of centuries.

Scene 2: Storm
The storm!
Electric shock
The fear of the result
or the failure
The lightning!
The spark!
It is here!

What life have you created?
Are you a good man
or mad as they come?
What will become
of your unholy creation?

Scene 3: Lightning
Storm and thunder sounds, enhanced by synthesizers and electric guitar

Scene 4: Apparatus - Flute solo
The "apparatus" that allows the monster's transcendence into human form relates to the horrors of the industrial revolution but prepares the robotic era. Indeed the monster is a robot.

Scene 5: Spark
Thunder and lightning raging...
Coul it work?
See the spark?
Life could begin in this moment,
Right now!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...
Human or demon, angel or devil?
I need a prayer, some kind of belief...
Did I see a hand move,
Did I really see?

Human or demon, angel or devil?
Animated robot -
It's a Bot!

Scene 6 - I Need To Speak
Electronically realized and enhanced by electric guitar, with processed vocal samples repeating " I Need To Speak", this scene is about the monster's spiritual evolution manifested through his need for emotion and communication.

Scene 7: The Bride
As in the legend, there is a longing for a match, but the roles are reversed as it is the robotic Bride herself who wants a match.

I can move my arm.
I can move my head.
I can move my hand.
I can move my leg.
But I won't, no I won't
do the chores!
Because I'm too smart,
and I am the Bride...
a perfect match.

I'm too smart to do the chores.
I'm a wretched bot.
I won't take orders.
I won't do the chores.
I'm a restless and useless bot,
until I find
my perfect match.

Scene 8 - Alaska
The robotic couple elopes to Alaska.

Going to Alaska
Away from society
Going to Alaska
To see the aurora

Starting a new life
away from society
Going to Alaska
To see the aurora